Who We Are

The Swansea Ambulance Corps (SAC) is a volunteer non-profit Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance service. We provide 911 emergency medical response to the town of Swansea and surrounding communities. While we are not a town agency and receive no funding from the town, we work very closely with all members of the Swansea Police Department and the Swansea Fire Department
You can read about our history here

What We Do

All of our members work very hard to provide state of the art pre-hospital medical care to Swansea residents. We respond to all types of calls from simple to very severe. Some of the most common 911 calls are:

Our Ambulances

We currently have four ambulances. Our two primary Class I ambulances are “A1” and “A3”. These are full size ambulances and have a crew of 2 or 3 members. “SP-1” is a Class V ambulance that is used by the senior Field Supervisors to respond to every emergency. This SUV carries all of the equipment and medications of the full size Class I ambulances but does not transport a patient. It is used to respond more rapidly to calls and will often be used by the Supervisor to proceed to a second or even a third medical call. We also have a third Class I ambulance, A2, that is used as a backup when another truck is out of service.

Our Equipment

Long ago, the most important job was getting the patient to the hospital quickly. Our ambulances are obviously a very important part of our response, but that is no longer the focus of pre-hospital medicine. Our job is to “Bring the care to the patient”. The tools we carry allow us to do that. Each ambulance has:
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